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I was born in San Francisco, California on June 20th 1987.  For the most part, life didn’t exactly start until 8th grade.  I was a more isolated person when it came to just about anything.  I grew up on video games and television.  Every year up until I was 12 or 13 I was always just a few decimals from failing every class I had ever taken.  I never did homework, I never did projects, I pretty much didn’t take anything seriously.  I was in danger of repeating both 8th, 7th, and if you’d like details, 4th grade too.  I was a smart kid.  I could ace a test if I wanted, I just didn’t see the point of anything.  That is until I met the girl with dimples and braces who would change my life forever.

I joined football that year, to try to impress a girl.  It was pretty cliche.  When I realized I didn’t know what football actually was in a deeper sense of more than running across a field with a ball, I quit.  My coach would tell me to join the cross country team, and from there I joined the wrestling team, and from there the track team.  I ranked high in cross country and track.  Improved significantly in wrestling.  I held a 3.2 gpa, a lot better than a 1.9 gpa from middle school.  I worked at a library 3 times a week and lost the need to play video games.  I never dated the girl with the dimples and braces, but I dated another fantastic person who I grew up with and learned how to become a more positive and more expressive person.

I planned on joining the Air Force, but unfortunately a few months before graduating high school, my legs got injured.  I would have to get surgery twice with a year in between both.  For the mean time I ended up enlisting in the nearby community college in hopes to study aviation and some day run off to flight school.  I cut my college short after getting in touch with the flight school I was hoping to go to and learning that I already exceeded the number of units I needed by half.  I went off to work at an airport handling bags, and then over at a coffee shop in hopes to earn money to fly planes.  I never got there.  The thought of flying planes would interest me, but the life of a pilot didn’t.

From then on I would enroll into college several times and drop my classes several times.  I made some interesting friends and gathered some really unusual stories.  I squeezed out a lot of potential out of my life and moving forward I’ll probably give and take a lot more than I ever thought was possible from the perspective of 8th grade me.

I wonder if people die and just realize how little deeper meaning there is to life.

My writing life

My writing life would more accurately start in 10th grade when I realized I didn’t know how to write a poem.  I carved myself in library corners reading poetry from John Keats, Robert Browning, and Pablo Neruda.  Years after that I would realize that that whole time I spent reading those poets, I never actually knew how to read poetry correctly.  I did read a lot of big words that I probably opened a dictionary for and probably never use ever in my writing.

In some way, my writing life started when I was in elementary school.  My brother and I would make up storylines and characters to our own stories.  We’d draw pictures and write profiles for each and every one of our characters.  Later on in life when we would think of more detailed storylines I would realize that my brother had stories and characters that made sense, and mine didn’t.

The only type of fame I received for writing was in high school when I published my short story in the school newspaper.  Before that I was pretty much only known for my incredibly dandy artwork.  I wrote a few blogs, shared some stories on myspace, and now I write for a few blogs again.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, you could email me at:  jmanorproject@gmail.com



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